[SOLVED] you will use the information from the textbook reading this week to write a purpose statement and a central research question for your applied research study. This is a 2-page assignment. The first page should be a correctly formatted (APA style) title page that includes the title of your study (You can format the title page either like the sample assignment provided or per the APA standards for professional writers). The second page should include a well-developed and concisely written Purpose Statement and the Research Question for your study. The purpose statement should include three forms of data collection – EDUC 816 Purpose Statement and Central Research Question Assignment Instructions Overview The purpose statement introduces the purpose of the applied research study. The purpose of the research should be to solve a problem or improve a practice. This information should be communicated concisely. The research question is one of the most important elements of a research study; it will guide the study and help to keep the research focused. The research question is the research question that you seek to answer through the data collection and data analysis processes. Instructions For this assignment

and the first method must be interviews