My topic: The Difference and similarities of immigrants and study abroad students in America. (How they interact and how they over lap) 
Your paragraph should address what it is you want to say about the American dream, the texts you think you might use, and the other kinds of information you might need for support.Journal Reflection – Luiselli’s “Tell me How it Ends.”
The chapter of the story brings the reader into the daily activities of Luiselli as she
struggles to help settle refugees who are becoming a crisis in America. As she listens to the
various stories of the children, Luiselli gets the remorseful understanding that immigration is
indeed a crisis and with the dangers that the refugees face that there is no hope of their going
back home. “Most children came from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras… all of them
were fleeing gang violence” (Luiselli, p.37). The chapter gets the reader through the significant
barriers to the welfare of the immigrants alluding to policy challenges and lack of representation.
Luiselli notes that without proper training and with the priority juvenile docket increasing
deportations, they are also limited in the extent to which they can provide care and help settle the
child migrants.
In the first chapter, the author expresses the migrant crisis as, indeed, a real crisis and
brings to question the roles of all the governments involved. The third chapter seems to be the
culmination of Luiselli’s story that presents the debate as to whether there is ever going to be a
solution for the immigrant problem. “The immigration crisis referred only to the… the surge in
arrivals of Central American children to the United States.” (Luiselli, p.44). The chapter involves
Luiselli’s daughter, who is interested in the stories about migrant children and wonders how the
stories will end. The question extends from the author to the audience, questioning our common
notions and the dilemmas of our times. Luiselli has to contend with the fact that more children
are coming in from harsh pasts and still risk deportation since the concerned parties are still
unable to arrive at a lasting solution.
Work Cited
Luiselli, Valeria. Tell me how it ends: An essay in 40 questions. Coffee House Press, 2017.
La Misma Luna
La Misma Luna is a 2007 Mexican American drama that was filmed in both Spanish and
English. The title of this movie is also referred to as under the same moon, a name that speaks
best with the story brought in the film. The movie is centered on the reuniting process of a
mother and son. The story is of a mother who goes to the United States of America, where she
works as a maid to be able to sustain and help her family back in Mexico. His son, who is at his
early adolescent age, stays with his grandmother in Mexico, where he waits for the reunion with
her mother. Unfortunately, the grandmother dies, and the boy is left with no other option but to
immigrate to the United States where he can look for his mother since that’s the only family left
for him (Fox Searchlight).
This story is one of the many that sheds light on the immigration cases happening in the
United States. Unfortunately, people have to go through such terrible circumstances to be able to
reunite with their families. The laws on immigration in the United States do not allow people like
that teenage boy to enjoy their freedom in a foreign country, and their matters are dealt with
brutally and illegally. Most Mexicans risk their lives while desperately crossing into the United
States, especially for those without any required documentation. I believe that there should be a
law or system that allows such people into the country through the civilized investigation process
and not through brutal mistreatments, which may sometimes result in deaths at the border. The
government should stop seeing every Mexican as a threat to their nation. The phrase innocent
until proven guilty should work even for these desperate people. Instead of doubt, the
government should offer help through the immigration laws and policies and ensure the safety of
every individual for a better America. The American Dreams of Immigrants
America is not referred to as the land of milk and honey for no reason. This is because the
country offers many opportunities as it is ranked the second-best country in terms of gross
domestic product, and its numbers are still on the rise. Immigrants come from all over the world
trying to find a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. They come for various
reasons, some come to find employment, others come to be educated and seek higher education,
others come to find soulmates and lovers, but all in all, they know the opportunity that lies in
Currently the United States is the country with the highest number of immigrants in the world,
which is followed by Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Most of the
immigrants in the States come from Mexico, Philippines, India, and various other parts of the
world, making it the most diversified country. It is said that apart from Native Americans, the
rest of Americans can trace their roots somewhere outside the States. The reasons behind the
high immigration levels include looking for employment, those who are exposed to persecution,
seeking asylum, and tourists.
Apart from that, they mainly try to attain nationality because the United States creates numerous
job opportunities for people, and putting into consideration the nation requires a huge workforce
to run its operations. As seen in La Misma Luna, we see the case of a mother who migrates to the
States to seek employment for her son, whom she left in Mexico with her mother. In the long
run, the boy is left to go and look for his mother since she was the only one e was left wit. After
facing numerous immigration issues, investigations, and brutal mistreats, we see that one can go
through a lot when trying to reunite with one’s family in the United States. This sends light to the
problem facing immigrants when they dedicate their lives to the United States because they need
to know that they may never set eyes on their family members again.
Apart from that, we also see that the dreams created by immigrants are not fake. America boasts
of a minimum wage of $ 12 per hour that can create employment opportunities for people from
both developed and developing countries. This amount transferred in the wages paid in
developing countries that do not allow people to live on the World Health Organization’s $3 a
day food and lifestyle mark. The amount as stipulated by the WHO is the minimum amount that
a family needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle. One cannot simply sustain such a lifestyle living in a
country such as Kenya, working in the same job group, and holding the same job description.
This shows the amount of potential people see when immigrating to the United States. Taking
into consideration, the legislators are pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage pay; the
immigration numbers should grow.
In addition, taking into consideration better health and social services, the immigrants look to
find better living standards than the ones provided in their native countries. This is mainly
because the United States leads in the production and manufacture of world-class and
groundbreaking techno-medical solutions and equipment. This has enabled the immigrants
seeking better lifestyles for their lives and families because of better infrastructure and social
services. In addition, the poor receive food stamps and can be designated to housing schemes for
the poor, thus providing safer lives and promoting public health, which is services not provided
in most countries.
In general, the United States as proven to be essential to the lives of its immigrants because it
helps them improve their lives, better their standards of living and those of their families.
Besides, research shows that immigration is beneficial to its economy because it provides
positive economic effects on both the native and immigrants’ population. We can only predict the
rising number of immigrants to the nation. This is because America provided immigrants with
the lives they never had. America makes them live a life that can only be seen in movies and
television. This relates to the movie because even though they are fighting for freedom, they are
fighting for greater freedom, one that allows them to live better lives.

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