THIS IS A DISCUSSION POST RESPONSE TO PEERS DISCUSSION POST. I WILL BE GIVING YOU TWO OF MY PEERS DISCUSSION POSTS. YOU MUST RESPOND TO BOTH PEERS WITH HAVING DIFFERENT RESPONSES. I ALSO WILL BE GIVING MY DISCUSSION POST WITH A RESPONSE FROM MY PEER. YOU MUST ANSWER THE PEER WHO RESPONDED TO MY PEER RESPONSEMY DISCUSSION POST BELOW WITH RESPONSE FROM A PEER. ANSWER MY PEER RESPONSEMeridian health care complements my skills that I developed during my study program. The leadership role I would enjoy within the organization is a case manager in the health care facility. There is a high number of nurses turn over in healthcare. The issue is affecting healthcare, and thus, it needs research to know the reason so that to avoid it in the future. The research question is: What activities cause nurses to turn over in health care? I believe there is a high nurse turn over health care due to unsuitable working conditions, much workload, and external attractions from other healthcare (Harper et al., 2020). There are dependent variables that I also believe they may be affecting the scenario liker ineffective communication and work shift. The dependent variable I selected is the nominal value. Considering the data offered by healthcare, about 50 nurses resigned in a month. That is 30 females, and 20 males resigned from their work in that month.After carrying out the research, there were also some potential extraneous variables. The types identified include situational variables; for example, high temperatures in the environment affect most nurses hence leading to turn over. The other variable is demand characteristics in which the participants didn’t get the features they intended to get at the surroundings. Phenomenology reflects an accurate analysis of the method applied during the research. The aspect involves the use of individual consciousness to find out some meaningful answers about any research question. For example, to get an accurate number of nurses who have resigned and the reasons, one has to apply the phenomenology method to acquire firsthand information (Abraham, 2007). Understanding the basics of research and statistics helps an individual in decision making when working in any organization. The aspects help the researcher to obtain various statistics from the organization hence getting the needed information. It also helps to evaluate the credibility hence coming up to the conclusion of any research. It also helps av research top collect and analyze data by using proper methods like the application of nominal, ordinal, and ratio techniques. Moreover, it helps to make various discoveries in research, making decisions on data-related issues and also in making predictions.PEER RESPONSE TO MY POST BELOW. PLEASE RESPOND TO MY PEERS RESPONSEI agree with your statements about reasons the turnover rates are so high. Anytime I go to the doctor’s office I spend more time with the nurse than the doctor. I understand that there are usually more nurses than doctors, but each time I see every nurse doing something and it feels like they are given too many duties for the amount of staff available at times. Of course, there are always the usual reasons for people leaving, such as finding a better fit somewhere else or they are moving and find something closer to home. It would be interesting to set up a study to observe the turnover rate in each state. This would show which states potentially have the right idea in how to keep their employees and those tactics could be used in other facilities. As for the issue of shifts, it is always a possibility that you will end up working nights, weekends, holidays, and even many on call shifts. Someone entering the field should always keep that in mind, especially when trying to also make plans for the future. 1st PEER DISCUSSION POST BELOW. MAKE SURE TO RESPONDMIKAYLAThe organization I chose is Texas Children’s Hospital mainly because my job is a branch of the company so I can put things into perspective. This is the largest hospital for pediatric care in the Houston area and even though I am not interested in pediatrics, they deal with a wide range of diseases and illnesses. I want to become a physician so in my job that would be a leadership role. The physicians are over the nurses and other medical professional because they have the highest degree in the field. The physicians I have encountered in my workplace inspire and teach other medical professional how to give the best service to patients. My research question resvolves around adolescent vaccinations because there are many parents who refuse vaccines which potentially puts theirs and other children at risk of a disease outbreak. What are the reasons behind the increase of preventable diseases in children who are unvaccinated. I honestly believe parents are afraid of the side effects of vaccines. There are some vaccines that have a live but weakened form of the acutal virus so that our bodies can create antibodies to fight them off. These vaccines come with side effects consistent with illnesses such as a fever, rash, or blisters (CDC, 2019). My hypothesis is there is a higher rate of contracted illnesses in unvaccinated children as a consequence of parents declining or deffering recommended and required vaccines. One dependent variable that is affecting these numbers is ineffiective communication on the physician’s and healthcare side. They are not taking the time to talk to these parents who have anxiety regarding vaccines and their side effects because they do not have the time or they do not wish to go back and forth with a parent. It results in parents not vaccinating their children due to a misunderstanding. My variable would be considered nominal because there is no relative order it can be divided into as suggested by the textbook (Harper et al, 2020). An extraneous factor that could be relevant is the fact that some children cannot be vaccinated due to underlying medical conditions. Some children are too sick with another disease such as leukemia to have vaccines because it could weaken their already compromised immune system. Another extraneous variable is some people do not have the insurance or finances to cover the cost of certain vaccines. The best method would be an interpretive study to understand how these parents make meaning of vaccines and their reasons to decline or defer them (Harper et al, 2020). Research and statistics is an area that everyone should know simply because data needs to be interpreted correctly for it to have any meaning to a topic. It it impossible to make a decision based on quantitative or qualitative that is presented in a bar graph or a statistical analysis when the individual does not understand the material. END2nd Peer CORDARROIdentify an organization in your location that complements the knowledge and skills you have developed during your program. (May be hypothetical.)The career path that I have selected will take many more years to achieve. Still, I love looking into what jobs are looking for in the profession that I would one day like to take part in to not only help military personnel but families who are also affected. The organization that I selected is The Institute for the Redesign of Learning (IRL) located in Commerce, CaIdentify a leadership role that you would enjoy having within this organization. If you are not interested in a career, identify something that you think would be rewarding if you were advancing your career.The Institute for the Redesign of Learning (IRL) organization is currently looking for a marriage and family therapist Associate or a licensed marriage and family therapist. I would love to pursue this job because it allows me to have the responsibility to provide not only mental health services to clients allowing me to work with the families of the local community. This is not the only thing that I feel I would be beneficial to me. I would be able to assist children through therapy sessions when families are directed by social workers allowing us to work hand and hand. .Identify the following in association with this organization and position:Research question: What is happening in the organization that could be researched?This organization has services that assist children, youth, and young adults the age ranges are from three years old to the age of twenty-two. However, there isn’t researchable information when viewing the organization; we are still able to look into mental health research since they deal with this particular issue. A study conducted by Mental health America has identified that youth mental health is worsening in the united states. Between the 2012 and 2017 youth suffering from Major Depressive Episode (MDE)increased from 8.66 percent to 13.01 percent when viewing youth between the ages of twelve to seventeen, showing that over two million youth suffer from some mental health issue. (Links to an external site.) Hypothesis: State why you believe it is happening.The reason that I feel that there has become an increase in the number of children who suffer from mental health issues is because of the advancement of technology. Outlets such as social media. Social media has set a precedence that can’t be ignored. Children are bullied at schools as well as online; this can be compiled with problems that they may encounter at their homes. What dependent variables/factors do you believe may be affecting your chosen scenario (i.e., age, workload, work shift, ineffective communications)?What type of factor did you identify (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio)?I believe that the factors affecting mental health issues are the limited knowledge that the world has when dealing with youth who suffer from mental health issues.The age ranges associated with mental illness gives a baseline that allows us to identify a particular age group. This would make the factor Ordinal because it deals with the ages associated with mental illness.Are there any potential extraneous variables? Why or why not. If so please list two to three.Extraneous variables would be as follows.Male and female youth and the difference between the two when viewing mental health issuesSingle parent homes vs multi parent homes affects on children suffering from Mental illness.Method: What method would best reflect an accurate analysis of the situation (e.g., quasi-experimental or phenomenology, etc.)? Include your rationale.This analysis would be quasi-experimental because they are looking at the entire world in order to gain more in-depth knowledge on mental illness.Lastly, discuss how an understanding of the basics of research and statistics can help a person in decision making, whether in an organization, or even in a social situation.Through understanding the basics of research and statistic you are able to gather sample sizes when viewing issues that affect the pool of people that you are attempting to assist. This factor is very important when thinking of psychology because it allows us to make accurate conclusions to psychological issues. ENDPLEASE RESPOND TO 2nd PeerEND

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