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  SUBMITTING THE ASSIGNMENT: GRADING: See Rubric: GENERAL INFORMATION  Submit as ONE DOCUMENT with 3 Parts.If you submit 3 separate documents, it will not be gradedUpload to Assignment Link clearly marked: UPLOAD JOHOARI’S WINDOW HERE. If you submit it on the Discussion Board, it will not be graded.            You will be graded on the following:        Each area of this assignment is described below. Any repetition of any part of the description of this assignment is intentional.     WHAT IS THE JOHARI’S WINDOW?  READ THE TEXT.   IT IS APPROPRIATELY DESCRIBED IN THE BOOK. RESOURCES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE TO ASSIST YOU WITH FURTHER UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONCEPT.      The Johari’s Window—A Model of Self disclosureThis project is about self-disclosing:  Please read up about the Johari’s Window in your textbook. Please feel free to use sources external to your textbook to help with your understanding of this concept.     YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING:        SO, THIS PROJECT involves others. You cannot do it by yourself! You 
  THIS PROJECT: HOW WILL IT LOOK IN THE END?  This Johari’s Window Assignment is a THREE-PART PROJECT AND It will be submitted in THREE PARTS:    Part One: An individual Johari Window Project:  See example below  Part Two: A Summary of the experience in an essay format. See instructions below.       Part Three: An Interview Project: See Instructions below.    PART ONE: THE JOHARI WINDOW PROJECT  YOU MUST DESIGN A WINDOW: HOW DO I DO THAT?  YOU will select as many friends/family as you like to engage with for this project.YOU will engage them and ask them meaningful questions about YOU. These questions are designed to learn more about YOU.Then you will create your Window.          Creating the Window: Processthe information that you already know about yourself ANDthe information that you received based on the engagement described above. Where do I put the information? Number of Characteristics in each WindowFinding the Right Words to use to describe you  The Johari’s Window will include two sets of information.           The characteristics that YOU KNOW about yourself will go in the OPEN WINDOW AND THE HIDDEN WINDOW ONLY.The characteristics that OTHERS tell you about yourself will go in the BLIND WINDOW ONLY. Please see sample window below that describes the kind of information that would be included.  Please note: This is SOMEONE ELSES WINDOW!  Your window does not look like this. You cannot explain someone else’s window. Your window is your window                Each window must have four (4) characteristics/personality traitsThose that you know you possess (for Open and Hidden Windows) andThose you were told (for Blind Window) by others that you possess.          In this process of self-exploration, you may find that persons who you choose to ask about you, may not be able to find the right words to define/describe what they are thinking. Please feel free to send them to this website – – to assist them in that regard.      Note: The quality of the (information in your window is very important. The more frivolous the content (name, date of birth, etc.) the less the grade will be. Talk about more meaningful aspects of YOU, WITHIN REASON, and 
are comfortable with the information that you choose to reveal, as I cannot be held responsible for that information. PLEASE USE WORDS OR SHORT PHRASES IN THE WINDOW. Points will be taken off for sentences. Use sentences in your essay. We know things about ourselves that those close to us will know as wellThose we interact with most often will know more about us. So generally, you can ask other individuals questions about you that will confirm what you know is in the open window; for example, you may say/ask:  I am impatient, do you agree with me on this?) If the person says no, then you continue until you find agreement: information known to both of you. This window remains blank.          EACH WINDOW DESCRIBED  Open Window  The open window has information that we know about ourselves and that those      around us know about us as well.         The Blind Window   The blind window will contain information that YOU DON’T KNOW. Very often we interact with others, but we don’t know what they see in us/about us that may be revealing something about us to them.   A question you can ask others is: “CAN YOU TELL ME A CHARACTERISTIC OR PERSONALITY TRAIT I HAVE, AND THAT YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW?”Usually, you will get several responses. Select what best suits you.       The Hidden Window  The hidden window contains the information that we know about ourselves but that we consider to be private, and therefore we do not want to show/share.         The Unknown Window  The unknown window remains unknown. However, because you don’t know this    information does not mean it doesn’t exist. It simply means you are not in touch with it.                                         SAMPLE WINDOW               Known to self         Unknown to self             Known to Others             Charming    Happy    Impatient    Helpful      Open             Introvert    Shy    Helpful    Appears aloof      Blind             Unknown to   Others             Selfish    Unhappy    Lazy    Loves children      Hidden          LEFT BLANK               Unknown               PART TWO: THE ESSAY OF THE ABOVE ACTIVITY                Feel free to follow these questions as a guideline to write your essay  (According to a GUIDELINE is defined as “Recommended practice that allows some discretion or leeway in its interpretation, implementation, or use.)    Who are the people you chose to ask about you?Why did you choose these people?What was the most challenging parts of this process for you?How much of the information that you received did you believe? How much of the information did you challenge?How much did you compromise on?Who were the persons you challenged the most? For example, did family member provide you with the information that you were most likely/least likely to believeOf all the things that you could have included in your open and hidden windows, why did you choose what you wrote? How did you finally decide what to put on your blind window? What was the overall advantages/disadvantages of doing this project?How do you think you will feel once you reveal this information?What kinds of reactions do you believe you will get from others about this? Discuss the nonverbal behaviors of both yourself and the persons that you asked questions about you.Please take a look at eh Rubric to see you will be graded on this entire assignment.The Essay is graded according to the Standards of the Rubric.                                 PART THREE: THE INTERVIEW PROJECT  YOU MUST CONDUCT AN INTERVIEW FOR THIS PART OF THE PROJECT: HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  This is the LAST part of this project that you must complete! You MUST conduct this interview AFTER you have done your WindowDoing it before the Window defeats the purpose of the project.               YOU will select ANY ONE PERSON TO INTERVIEW.   This person CANNOT be one of the persons from your Window project!    This person will ask YOU questions about YOU!YOU will ask this person questions about HIM/HER/THEYQuestions and answers about YOU MUST BE SUBMITTED: THEY ARE GRADED!Questions and answers about the OTHER PERSON MUST BE SUBMITTED: THEY ARE NOT GRADED!              YOU:   will select a person of your choosing. Ideally, this should be someone you know well, and you have some meaningful interactions with.will conduct an interview with that person. will submit both sets of questions as well as both sets of answerswill write a conclusion about that experience. For example, your conclusion may include a discussion of the following:                            Decide who you want to interview: Contact person and discussSet up interviewWrite questions.                  PLEASE NOTE: ALL QUESTIONS ARE SUBMITTED TO SAFEASSIGN: THE PLAGIARISM CHECKER. Please cite appropriately!!  Provide details (in your conclusion) about place {online, phone, Starbucks} time/date where interview took place.   INTERVIEWER:   Submit no less than 8 questions AND answers from the Interviewer      INTERVIEWEE  Submit the questions AND answers from the Interviewee      Please Note: Usually, when we ask people questions about what they think about us, we get more information than we set out to get.    You should write down everything.   Assessment Rubric: Johari’s Window   Student’s Name: __________________________________________________                          CRITERIA         EXCELLENT            GOOD         POOR         TOTAL               INTRODUCTION                                                 Purpose,   concepts, and aims of analysis correctly stated (5%)Accurate description and purpose of Johari’s   Window must be provided (5%)                                                    JOHARI WINDOW DISCUSSION/DESCRIPTION: (Different from Interview and Essay)                                                 Accurate identification of each Window (20% – 5% for each   Window) 4   WindowsAccurate application/discussion of information in   each Window (20%)Discussions and Conclusions in Essay (20%)                                                                                                                                                   INTERVIEW: QUESTIONS   AND ANSWERS MUST BE SUBMITTED                                                 Questions / Answers / and Discussion   (15%): Must be   submitted   Questions   must be intentional, useful, and meaningful (7.5%)Questions   must be discussed: Conclusion provided about experience (7.5%)                                                     REFLECTIVE   ESSAY:  JOHARI’S WINDOW (Including responses to questions below)                                                   WRITING (Must   meet college-level standards).   Organization, Style, and Grammar (15%)   Questions:            What kinds of reactions do you   believe you will get from your colleagues? Who are the people you chose to ask   about you? Why these people?How did you finally decide what to   put on your blind window? How much of the information that you   received did you believe? How much of the information did you   challenge, and then end up compromising on?Who were the persons you challenged   the most? Discuss nonverbal behaviors of both   yourself and the persons you asked questions.                                                                         TOTAL (100%)                                              Additional Comments:   Strength(s) of paper: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Weakness(es) of paper: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________    Suggestion(s) for improvement: ____________________________________________________________________________

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