Every organization conducts research to plan and implement a business idea.  This project is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan.  These activities offer flexibility for many settings related to global business enterprises.  The framework may be used for planning global expansion of an existing product or service, or may be used to research a new foreign business opportunity.  Each module of this project is designed to gather information for one component of an international business plan.  
The final result of your global plan may be in one of the following formats:
a written report with supplementary tables and visuals (preferred).
Note: While the research components in each module are designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of this aspect of a business plan, selected items may be used to gather information for a specific element.
Table of Contents
Phase 1 – Planning the Global Business Enterprise
MODULE 1 – Identifying Global Business Opportunities

Determine potential international markets for existing or proposed goods and services
Identify domestic and international companies involved in similar business global business activities
Examine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nation
Research social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs influencing business
Research the influence of government and regulations on business activities
Suggest objectives and an organizational framework for global business operations
Project start-up costs and funding sources for international operations
Identify needed databases and information systems to facilitate international business activities
Gather information on needed personnel for operating an international enterprise
Identify methods for reducing global business risks
Identify specific attributes and customer benefits for a proposed international product or service
Analyze distribution channels and intermediaries for global business operations
Suggest advertising messages, media and other promotional activities for an international enterprise
Estimate revenue and costs based for international business activities
Suggest potential criteria for global business accomplishments based on financial results and social contributions

MODULE 2 – Analyzing International Competitors
MODULE 3 – Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment
MODULE 4 – Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment
MODULE 5 – Assessing the Political-Legal Environment
PHASE 2 – Organizing for Global Business Activities
MODULE 6 – Selecting a Global Company Structure
MODULE 7 – Financing Sources for Global Business Operations
MODULE 8 – Creating a Global Management Information System
MODULE 9 – Identifying Human Resources for Global Business Activities
MODULE 10 – Managing International Financial and Business Risks
PHASE 3 – Implementing the Global Market Plan
MODULE 11 – Product and Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets
MODULE 12 – Designing a Global Distribution Strategy
MODULE 13 – Planning a Global Promotion Strategy
MODULE 14 – Selecting an International Pricing Strategy
Recommend a global pricing strategy based on costs, market demand, competition, and economic environment
PHASE 4 – Implementing the Global Market Plan
MODULE 15 – Determining Financial Results
MODULE 16 – Measuring International Business SuccessGlobal Business Plan Project
1. Identifying Global Business Opportunities
Learning Goals
1. To assess factors that create international business opportunities
2. To identify potential global business opportunities for various foreign markets
Some organizations attempt to expand their international operations by seeking foreign markets
appropriate for existing products and services. Other enterprises assess foreign business
environments in an attempt to meet needs in those markets.
In this first module, you will conduct a preliminary assessment of geographic, economic, socialcultural, and political-legal factors that create global business opportunities in foreign markets.
Also, you should consider how technology could create new foreign business opportunities by
expanding possibilities for production, marketing, and distribution of goods and services.
Global Business Opportunities
Potential foreign business opportunities may be viewed in two major categories:
A. Various country factors create international business opportunities. These include:
• Natural resources, agricultural products, or geographic factors (climate
or terrain)
• Level of economic development and infrastructure
• Cultural characteristics, social activities, or demographic trends
• Changing political situations or legal factors
• Technology that may enhance production or distribution of an item
B. Existing companies attempting to expand into new markets around the world—List
several possible global business opportunities that would be the basis for new or
expanding international business operations. These business opportunities may be
consumer goods or services; or organizational goods and services, sold to
businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals,
hotels, or other organizations.
Examples of global business opportunities include: processing of fresh fruit in Chile
for distribution around the world; sale of water filtration systems in developing
economies; sale of food products adapted to the tastes of different cultures;
development of cellular telephone systems in countries with a weak communication
infrastructure; and expansion of fast-food restaurants into countries with expanding
Web links:

Global Edge CyberSite: http://www.globaledge.msu.edu/
Business Around the World Atlas: https://highered.mcgrawhill.com/sites/0078137217/student_view0/business_around_the_world.html
(Works best with Firefox.)
Conduct Research
Collect data and information to use in formulating this aspect of your business plan by
answering the following questions.
Discuss one or more of the global business opportunities from above in terms of:
(a) a specific product or service, including customer benefits; and
(b) a potential market—a country that would be appropriate for this business
Analyze for the presence of an absolute or comparative advantage that might be related to
a business opportunity in the country where the item will be produced or sold. Describe
how this analysis might influence the success of your proposed business idea. (For example,
the availability of natural resources can make a business opportunity cost efficient.)
Compare two or more proposed business opportunities based on factors such as foreign
market potential, start-up costs, and foreign business risks. (For example, a proposal to
construct new highways may be appropriate for a developing economy. However, the risks
in this market are probably greater than in an industrialized nation.)
Supplementary Activity
Research the international operations of a company doing business in several countries. Obtain
information related to:
1. the products sold in various regions of the world;
2. current and planned business activities in specific regions of the world—Asia, Africa, Eastern
Europe, Middle East, Latin America;
3. the company’s strengths and weaknesses related to global business activities;
4. future actions that might be suggested for the company’s international operations.
E-Commerce Application
Identify an online business application (such as providing product information, selling online, or
ordering from suppliers) that would be appropriate in the proposed foreign market or that could
enhance the promotion or distribution of your proposed business opportunity.
Prepare Summary
In a separate Word document, prepare a summary report entitled: Global Business
Opportunities consisting of the following components:
1. An overview of geographic, economic, cultural, political, and technological factors that
creates the proposed global business opportunity.
2. A description of the potential market for this product or service.
3. A synopsis of any absolute or comparative advantages (as applicable).
4. Recommend one or more foreign business opportunities (with a specific foreign market) for
an existing company or a new enterprise. Provide evidence to support your proposal.
View Sample Report
The following project segments are EXAMPLES and SAMPLE MATERIALS. Please note:
(1) these samples were selected from several student team projects at one school and are not
intended to represent a particular level of quality, and DO NOT represent a complete project
(2) the accuracy of content, data, and clarity of writing are NOT guaranteed; and
(3) these samples may NOT BE DUPLICATED.
SUBWAY’s mission is to provide Brazilian consumers with a healthy and quick alternative in the
fast-food market. By providing made-to-order sandwiches, we are meeting the needs of the
ever-growing, fast-paced and health-conscious Latin American community. Our goal is to
provide value, service and convenience to our customers. SUBWAY plans to equal or exceed the
number of outlets operated by McDonald’s, currently Latin America’s largest fast-food company.
With our system and operational strengths, dedicated personnel are willing to meet the
expectations of consumers. We believe that our SUBWAY franchise will continue to grow and
be successful in the Latin American market.
SUBWAY is the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world and is rapidly expanding
internationally. SUBWAY has more than 14,100 stores in over 73 countries, making it the
second largest restaurant chain overall. The brand was introduced in 1974 and today, all
locations are franchised. From 1987 to 1999, the SUBWAY franchise has been ranked #1
Submarine Sandwich franchise in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 listing. For eight times in those
past twelve years the SUBWAY system was #1 franchise overall, beating out other fast food
franchising giants and all other franchises. In Entrepreneur International’s 1999 Top 200
ranking, SUBWAY was placed third out of the world’s top 200 franchises. Latin America is
among the growing markets for SUBWAY franchises, with over 215 stores already in this area.
The Happy Harbor Company’s mission is to improve global exporting and importing that
enhances economic activity. The objectives of the company are to construct profitable harbors
that will help boost the country’s trading capacities, increase trade between countries with
already existing harbors, and create jobs and a higher standard of living for the people of Latin
The Happy Harbor Company is there so that countries that do business with Latin America do
not have to think of how to get their goods into the countries and where the best harbors are
located. The Happy Harbor Company provides the construction of the harbors and seaports for
countries that are in need of better facilities for trading on their coastal borders. The company
is also here to help companies in other countries to locate their goods. Latin America has a
growing economic base and the Happy Harbor Company wants to be there to help not only the
countries of Latin America, but also the many international companies that would benefit
greatly from conducting business with the Latin American economy.
Translated from Spanish, our product name simply means “Good Health.” As we are a U.S.
company entering into a foreign market, and, therefore, bound to meet with cultural
differences, it is important that there be no confusion caused by complicated names and slogans
lest we are faced with language and cultural problems. Our slogan is also quite simple, although
it does have two slightly different, yet equally valid, translations. The first is simply “The
vitamins for the whole world,” which stresses the multinational aspect of our operations. We
wish to provide “Good Health,” literally and figuratively, to the entire world through our
vitamins. The second, more slang-oriented, translation of our company’s slogan is “The vitamin
for everyone.” This translation implies, and rightly so, that this is the vitamin for everyone.
Indeed, our product is for everyone as it is a multi-vitamin that can be taken by adults, children,
men, women, and so on. More, though, about the particulars of our fabulous product will be
revealed later.

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