magine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Think of a friend or a family member as a client. Define her or his characteristics and goals such as an employee or employer, relatively young (less than 40 years) or close to retirement, having some savings/property, a risk taker or risk averter, etc. Next, use Nexis Uni at the Strayer University library, located at Nexis Uni, click on “Company Dossier” to research the stock of any U.S. publicly traded company that you may consider as an investment opportunity for your client. Your investment should align with your client’s investment goals. (Note: Please ensure that you are able to find enough information about this company in order to complete this assignment. You will create an appendix, in which you will insert related information.)Your final financial research report will be 6 to 8 pages long and be completed in two parts as noted below. This assignment requires you to use at least five quality academic resources and cover the following topics:Rationale for choosing the company in which to investRatio analysisStock price analysisRecommendationsRefer to the following resources to assist with completing your assignment:Stock SelectionForbes: “Six rules to follow when picking stocks”CNN Money: “Stocks: Investing in stocks”The Motley Fool: “13 steps to investing foolishly”Seeking Alpha: “The Graham And Dodd Method For Valuing Stocks”Investopedia: “Guide to Stock-Picking Strategies”Seeking Alpha: “Get Your Smart Beta Here! Dividend Growth Stocks As ‘Strategic Beta’ Investments”Market and Company InformationU.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: “Market structure”Yahoo! FinanceMergent Online (Note: This resource is also available through the Strayer Learning Resource Center.)Seeking Alpha (Note: This is also available through the Android or iTunes App store.)Morningstar (Note: You can create a no-cost Basic Access account.)Research Hub, located in the left menu of your course in BlackboardPart 1 Due Week 7 (1 to 2 pages)Provide a rationale for the stock that you selected, indicating the significant economic, financial, and other factors that led you to consider this stock.Suggest the primary reasons why the selected stock is a suitable investment for your client. Include a description of your client’s profile.Just list five resources you’ll use to complete this assignment and begin to build your reference list. Remember you must use at least five quality academic resources for the final assignment.Part 2 Due Week 9 (6 to 8 pages including #1 and #2 from Part 1)Include your rationale, primary reasons for stock selection, and client’s profile from Part 1, making any revisions based upon Part 1 feedback if applicable.Select any five financial ratios that you have learned about in the text. Analyze the past 3 years of the selected financial ratios for the company; you may obtain this information from the company’s financial statements. Determine the company’s financial health. (Note: Suggested ratios include, but are not limited to, current ratio, quick ratio, earnings per share, and price earnings ratio.)Based on your financial review, determine the risk level of the stock from your investor’s point of view. Indicate key strategies that you may use in order to minimize these perceived risks.Provide your recommendations of this stock as an investment opportunity. Support your rationale with resources, such as peer-reviewed articles, material from the Strayer University Library, and reviews by market analysts.Conduct a literature review and list at least five quality academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with 1-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.Properly cite all sources.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are as follows:Determine the suitability of an investment strategy that considers external risk factors and a literature review.Create investment recommendations based on research that includes the rationale and risk mitigation for the chosen strategies.By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.Financial Research Report
Financial Research Report
Student’s Name
Institution Affiliation
Financial Research Report
In this paper I have to research some investing opportunities in any company in the
United States that is better investing company for the stocks. Related to this paper, I have picked
the Coca-Cola Corporation that may be a champion amongst essentially the most vital brands of
the USA. This paper offers manner for considering at the back of the decide upon of Coca-Cola
corporation as the united states exchanged on an open business sector company and portrays the
profiles of the examiners those is also fit within the advantage theorist’s undertaking process as a
cash associated boss. Also, this file separates the earlier three years money related execution of
the company’s and perceives the company’s budgetary prosperity by means of practices extent
examination. In like method, this paper delineates the level of chance gift in the company from
the theorist’s factor of view on the bottom of cash associated learn by way of extent examination.
Meanwhile, this paper gives a few suggestions related to the company’s stock as a theory
Rationale for selection
As a finance manager trough, i’m endorsing to examiners that they may be placed
belongings into the delivery of the Coca-Cola organization. There are a couple of inspirations to
picks the Coca-Cola organization and given urging of monetary experts to position property into
this US exchanged on an open industry sector organization. The main clarification for this
proposition is the Coca-Cola manufacturer is the widely acclaimed and most giant manufacturer
in the world. Opening late, the Coca-Cola Company presents its coke things in round 200
countries with the around 1.8 billion refreshment things bargains within the basic industry phase
(Msnmoney, 2014). Additionally, the beneath 10 to 12 months plot table in like method exhibits
Financial Research Report
the Coca-Cola corporation budgetary execution is continually extend, so on the purpose of it I
given guidance of financial masters to situation property into this company. Within the today’s
10 years, the company preparations, SBIT and net talents is sophisticated twofold figures as 2015
figures is twofold from 2006 figures (showed up within the beneath table). Case in point, 2015
preparations is USD46.85 billion that is twofold of 2006 presents of USD21.96 billion.
EBIT (in
(in USD)
(in billion
2015 46.85
2014 48.02
2013 46.54
2012 35.12
2011 30.99
2010 31.94
2009 28.86
2008 24.09
2007 23.10
2006 21.96
Financial Research Report
(Source: Msnmoney, 2014)
Apart from, clarification for selection of the Coca-Cola organization to location
belongings into its option is the constructive development expense in the estimation of the
organization stock up to now time. The beneath table is exhibited the stock estimation of the
Coca-Cola corporation toward the top of 31 December. The desk demonstrates that previously 10
years the association stock great was once continually moved forward. In the course of 2006 to
2007 the organization stock nice in the trade discipline is immediately improved, nevertheless in
2008 it is declined as a result of the total budgetary trouble (Msnmoney, 2014). The underneath
desk demonstrates that after the total cash related drawback in 2007, the organization used to be
refined the high development rate within the brand new 5 years. Along these lines, in mild of
consistent expanded the stock worth and budgetary execution prior to now ten years, I
recommends fiscal authorities to situation property into the Coca-Cola organization. Positioned
property into the stock within the Coca-Cola Company could be diminished chance and gave
high lower back of the examiner, so the choice of this organization to wander is fitting.
Coca-Cola 10-YEAR Stock Value Summary
Stock Value
Financial Research Report
(Source: Msnmoney, 2014)
Selecting the Investor Profile
This section, as a manager of finance picks examiner profile which may be fit in this
organization and relate to the knowledge budgetary master’s undertaking approach. As to my
money related masters there are a few things considered involving theorists profile that would
make the Coca-Cola company a strong association to examiners. The principal a part of the cash
related professional profile is that they are experimentally, direct and fascinated about position
assets into long haul (Hsu, 2014). The theorists’ main characteristics of this profile is that they
situation property into the Coca-Cola enterprise for the whole deal that infers fiscal authorities
would now not purchase the organization inventory in a brief time span and present it in much
less time after finish some entry.
The organization fiscal execution and stock regard tenaciously expanded previously ten
years, so the money related experts purchase and hold the association stock for a very long time
interval to perform noteworthy yields at on the whole sheltered. Furthermore, an additional bit of
monetary pro profile that will make this organization is also match as for potential theorist’s
recreation approach as they might be interested by both advantage and advancement shares
(Kogan and Papanikolaou, 2015). The entire deal wander procedure of potential economic
authorities would receive those first-rate yield rather than more than a few associations within
the identical trade.
Financial Research Report
Ratio Analysis
Extent examination is a style of relative examination that’s used to assess the reward
money associated prosperity and future of an organization. Extent examination procedure
incorporates taking a gander on the reward money related extents of associations within the prior
year’s distributes for access the present illustration of enterprise and the current budgetary
soundness of the organization. Extent examination is most often utilized by the financial experts
to understand the excellent wander alternatives in the identical industry associations. In like
manner, theorists incline toward this framework to select the reward money associated and fine
of the association in the trade phase (Albrecht, Stice, Stice and Swain, 2010). Extent examination
is in a position toll of connection between’s the associations and the business and the industry
subject in the community and comprehensive. In example examination, the extent examination is
used to break down the budgetary execution and prosperity of the Coca-Cola manufacturer.
Liquidity extent uses to assess the company ability to pay its present danger or
accountability on time. From the motive of beneath table, the reward extent of the Coca-Cola
company is highly better as it’s 1.13, 1.09 and 1.05 occasions for 2015, 2012 and 2011
individually. It suggests the Coca-Cola manufacturer have ample resource or ready to pay its
present responsibilities (Snowden and Muñoz, 2012). Of path, this situation is beneficial for the
Coca-Cola company with admire to getting capital in the industry subject to satisfy its transient
capital standards for future mission.
In the meantime, trade within the animated or present extent of the Coca-Cola
corporation conversely with prior years shows that association money associated position is top
notch and it might goes up against any troubles and makes due in business segment. High rapid
Financial Research Report
extent of the Coca-Cola enterprise apparently with usual extent exhibits the organization has
extra liquid that is super function from institution’s perspectives, yet mattress condition from
financial institution’s motivation of the point of view (Hamzaçebi and Pekkaya, 2011).
Revenue extent demonstrates that common sales of the Coca-Cola company is swayed,
yet excessive extent the enormous function of the organization in the trade. High net general
revenue extent of the Coca-Cola organization reveals that organization is creating a long way and
large and extremely good budgetary position of them. Of course, profit for shareholder esteem
extent of the Coca-Cola enterprise addresses the confident a part of the shareholders (Hamzaçebi
and Pekkaya, 2011). Development of benefit for property and advantage for pleasant extent
reveals that the Coca-Cola organization dominate the competitors and are developing a ways and
vast by means of sufficiently kept up its trade or operations and constructing their business
Current Assets
Current Liabilities
Liquidity ratios:
Current ratio
Quick ratio
Financial Research Report
Profitability ratios:
Return on equity
Return on assets
25.67% 27.19% 26.85%
Net Profit
Total Shareholder Equity
(Net profit/Total Assets)
9.53% 10.47% 10.72%
Total assets
Debt to Equity ratio
Times covered ratio
Net profit margin
Net sales
Gearing/ Leverage
Debt to assets ratio
Total Debt
Interest expenses
Financial Research Report
Working Capital
Net Working
Capital ratio
Dividend per Share
Market Value per share
Working Capital
Financial ratio:
ROCE ratio
Capital Employed
Market Value ratio:
Dividend Yield ratio
(Sources: The Coca-Cola Company, 2014 & Msnmoney, 2014)
Additionally, affect extent exhibits the connection amongst commitment capital and
shareholder cash and demonstrates the organization capability to make use of its advantages,
capital, et cetera. All around, scale back have an effect on extents reveals the organization is
uncommonly dependent on worth asset, even as better demonstrates the particularly area to entire
deal financing and acquiring. Essentially, the commitment extent makes use of to separate the
Financial Research Report
whole deal dissolvability position of the organization due to the fact that it demonstrates the
measure of dedication of an affiliation evaluating to its advantages (Hsu, 2014).
Above desk displays that the Coca-Cola company 37% belongings are financed by means
of dedication in 2015 and it’s lessened unendingly conversely with past years. It demonstrates the
high ampleness of the Coca-Cola company rather than previous years to get extra capital for its
future economic wants as its will lower its expertise. In like method, commitment to esteem
extent of the Coca-Cola corporation is approx close to same in the past three years (zero.Ninety
nine) that addresses examiners and advance managers’ instances are frequently related on the
advantages of the association (Snowden and Muñoz, 2012).
Plus, dedication to esteem greater extent (zero.99) of the Coca-Cola enterprise
demonstrates instance of develop manager is greater than vendors and alongside these traces
higher hazardous position of financial professionals’ viewpoint. In addition, excessive times
unfold extent (22.09) displays the Coca-Cola organization was enough utilized its favorable
instances for produce cash after paid interest. Additionally, web working capital extents of the
Coca-Cola is certain and extended forever in the earlier years that displays less perilous role with
outstanding yield in the budgetary grasp’s standpoint (Kogan and Papanikolaou, 2015). Working
capital turnover extent is 14.96, 18.53 and 7.81 for 2015, 2012 and 2011 individually that
validated exquisite cash associated and creating role of the association, so the examiners procure
satisfactory yield afterward.
Meanwhile, financial extents are generally used by economic pros to survey the gift
position and future supportability of the organization within the business and the trade phase in
the community and exhaustively. The excessive ROCE extent of the Coca-Cola shows the
Financial Research Report
sizeable budgetary function of the organization in the engaged trade field (Velnampy and Niresh,
2012). Additionally, exhibit regard extent cheap of providers to evaluates the declare of a reward
idea by way of surveys the association valuation. The Coca-Cola benefit yield extent is around
3% as of late that suggests monetary authorities win sufficient return at quite often nontoxic if
they location property into the association. It additionally demonstrates that the Coca-Cola
enterprise improvement of shareholders is expanded prior to now three years that addresses it’s
money related robust organization within the trade.
The Risk Level of the Company
On the purpose of the fiscal evaluation and surveys the budgetary prosperity of CocaCola, it predicts that the hazard stage of the organization is low in the cash associated authority’s
perspective. Coca-Cola cash related prosperity is fantastic and execution is increased that’s the
satisfactory situations of the budgetary masters. Apart from, the extent examination reveals the
association liquidity or have an effect on function is super that infers the association would have
the potential to pay its transitority accountability without a inconvenience and defied any main
issue within the business segment, it show the much less perilous condition of the budgetary
educated’s factor of view (Sarlija and Harc, 2012).
Cash related and promote regard extent furthermore reveals the Coca-Cola monetarily
performed well, exhibit regard improved and paid adequate improvement of the budgetary
authorities that’s much less hazardous and distinctive drawback of the theorist’s perspective to
position property into the organization. Coca-Cola has paid 1.12, 1.02 and zero.Ninety four
benefits at per present of its shareholders for 2015, 2012 and 2011 independently and business
phase regard per share additionally augments as it’s 41.31, 36.25 and 34.Ninety eight for 2015,
Financial Research Report
2012 and 2011 completely that suggests for trepidation that risky and great to situation
belongings into the association from my budgetary grasp’s point of view (Hamzaçebi and
Pekkaya, 2011).
On the purpose of the prior ten year finance manager execution, late yr inventory bills,
and late year’s fiscal knowledge extents examination, as a budgetary director, it’s proposed that
my fiscal execs place assets into the Coca-Cola enterprise. Also, it is furthermore encouraged
that the fiscal gurus location belongings into the Coca-Cola Company for entire deal to win
distinctive yield at in general sheltered. Meanwhile, high or positive growth of presents or
talents, robust budgetary function of the organization in the trade, steady extension inventory rate
within the business division and augmentations in the improvement gave of the shareholders are
some important markers that indicates position assets into the Coca-Cola company would be
productive of the financial authorities as it’s much less harmful and accumulate distinct yield
crisis of them later on.
Financial Research Report
Albrecht, S.W., Stice, E.K., Stice, J.D. & Swain, M.R. (2010). Accounting: Concepts and
Applications (11th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning.
Hamzaçebi, C., & Pekkaya, M. (2011). Determining of stock investments with grey relational
analysis. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(8), 9186-9195.
Hamzaçebi, C., & Pekkaya, M. (2011). Determining of stock investments with grey relational
analysis. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(8), 9186-9195.
Hsu, L. C. (2014). A hybrid multiple criteria decision-making model for investment decision
making. Journal of Business Economics and Management, 15(3), 509-529.
Kogan, L., & Papanikolaou, D. (2015). Firm characteristics and stock returns: The role of
investment-specific shocks. Review of Financial Studies, 26(11), 2718-2759.
Msnmoney. (2014). COCA-COLA COMPANY 10-Year Summary. Retrieved from:
Msnmoney. (2014). COCA-COLA COMPANY. Retrieved from:
Sarlija, N. & Harc, M. (2012). The impact of liquidity on the capital structure: a case study of
Croatian firms. Business Systems Research, 3(1), 30-36.
Snowden, N., & Muñoz, J. (2012). Building a BRIC? Stock Market Opening and Investment
Finance in India since Liberalization. World Development, 40(6), 1109-1121.
Financial Research Report
The Coca-Cola Company. (2014). Investors: Annual & Other Reports. Retrieved from:
Velnampy, T. & Niresh, J.A. (2012). The Relationship between Capital Structure & Profitability.
Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 12(13), 67-74.

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