In this PR, you must include our PREVIOUS feedback; copy and paste it.
The new part of your PR, that is, the part that corresponds to the work you have done in your Draft, should be AT MOST one page, and it can be less.
In this new part, you must tell us about your work (as you did for your Proposal) and ALSO address our previous feedback. This means you have to tell us whether you have incorporated our suggestions and why (or why not).I think the first one and second is fine, do you include the third in progress report. Just want to make sure.Progress Report
This progress report explicates the various deliverables of the report and most importantly
the challenges encountered up to this point. Firstly, it is noteworthy that the identification of the
topic under which to conduct the research was not easy mainly because all the topics are
significant and each has unique challenges. In addition, developing a tentative research title is
critical and challenging. Although the identification of the research title helps in determining the
purpose of the research, determining the research methodology was not easy as each of the
approaches demand commitment and focus. Another sensitive area that was a great challenge is
determining the credibility of the existing literature. As such, support in identifying credible
articles greatly helps to conduct credible research. At this juncture, the project has identified the
A tentative research title
The purpose of the research,
Justification or motivation of the research
Provided an overview of the research
Given personal contributions to the research
Identified various peer reviewed research materials as listed below
Research Proposal: Population and Population Growth
Tentative Research Title
The correlation between increase in population and the economic prosperity
Purpose of the research
This research will examine the correlation between population increase and the overall
growth in the economy. As such, this paper will focus on the economic factors that influence the
growth in population and the different ways that population growth affects the growth in the
economy. Although humans are critical resources towards economic development, increased
population in regions that lack the necessary resources to support the population negatively
impacts economic growth
For many years, researchers have continued to examine how population increase impacts
the growth in economy in various countries. However, the interplay between economic and
population growth has been controversial particularly because of the conclusions from different
studies on the matter (Rahman, Saidi & Mbarek, 2017). There is an increasing trend for
population growth in many countries. It is thus critical to understanding whether an increased
population will improve or destroy the economy (Terziev & Can, 2018). The conclusions of this
study will help different countries to improve on different areas to ensure economic growth for
the good of their people.
As highlighted above, the existing knowledge on how the population increase influences
economic prosperity has been controversial. For instance, a case study of Pakistan by Ahmed, &
Ahmad (2016) demonstrates that population growth negatively affects the country’s economic
growth. On the contrary, Kamarudin et al. (2018) argue that nearly all the developed countries
have a significantly high population. The researchers argue that an increased population creates a
pool of human resources necessary to propel the country’s economy.
Personal original contribution
Typically, humans are the greatest resource for economic growth. Also, different minds
will always initiate creativity and innovation. Nonetheless, the increased population will have
negative effects on economic growth particularly in countries with limited resources for that
population. This research will create a platform to discuss the necessary resources and measures
to ensure that the resources available will support any slight population growth without
negatively affecting economic growth. Similarly, the research will demonstrate the effects of
economic growth on the population. Considering the social conflict theory, increased population
growth will create unemployment where resources are limited thus creating more economic
This research will conduct surveys, literature review and case study analysis to develop a
credible conclusion. While this research will conduct an in-depth literature review on the subject
matter, it will also conduct face-to-face interviews with some of the stakeholders in the
population and census institutions to gather credible information for economic benefits and to
establish the areas of interplay between population and economic growth.
Ahmed, R. N., & Ahmad, K. (2016). Impact of population on economic growth: A case study of
Pakistan. Bulletin of business and economics, 5(3), 162-176.
Kamarudin, M. K. A., Wahab, N. A., Mohamad, M., Saudi, A. S. M., Samsurijan, M. S., Saad,
M. H. M., … & Samsuri, N. N. S. (2018). Population Growth and Economic Development
in Developing and Developed Countries. International Journal of Engineering &
Technology, 7(4.34), 123-127.
Rahman, M. M., Saidi, K., & Mbarek, M. B. (2017). The effects of population growth,
environmental quality and trade openness on economic growth. Journal of Economic
Studies. 2(1), 36-45.
Terziev, V., & Can, H. (2018). The Relation between the Migration, Population Aging, Labor
Force Productivity and Economic Growth: An Analysis for Bulgaria. International EJournal of Advances in Social Sciences, 4(10), 77-83.
My feedback to your Proposal below (copy and paste in your next PR), which you will
address in your Draft:
Progress Report (PR) — In your next PR aim to give me a better idea of your thought
process, how and why you chose your subject, and the decisions you have made. It
will help me help you. I can read you had trouble choosing the subject, but not much
Title: too generic.
As it is now, your audience does not quite know what you will be working on. We do
know it is about population and economic growth (or prosperity). Are you sure there
is a correlation? If so, what sign is this correlation? If you know, why not include this
in your title?
You should be aware some scholars see a change in the sign of this correlation
according to the level of economic development of a country. Is this what you will be
writing on?
Your audience will not spend the time to find out what your paper is about. Make it
clear from the title.
· Purpose of research:
See my comment above about the changing sign of the correlation between population
growth and economic growth (growth of GDP per person).
You kind of mention there is causality in both directions: population growth affects
economic growth, and economic growth impacts population growth. This is correct. Is
this what you will be focusing on? It is NOT clear. If so, you need to make it CLEAR. Be
The effect economic growth has on population growth is known to economists as the
‘demographic transition model’, and it studies the ‘microeconomics of desired family
size’. These are two terms your audience will be expecting you to know. If you do not,
you risk losing credibility.
Motivate your audience by presenting some numbers, data, statistics, figures, tables,
etc. that effectively summarize some of your arguments. Select statistics that do a
good job of conveying the magnitude and impact of your subject.
Insert these stats within a clear narrative and structure. Use them to reinforce your
arguments/statements and make them more convincing. (see Guidelines for your
Draft on how to do this correctly). And always substantiate your sources and
reference them following APA guidelines. Remember your audience wants to know
your sources are reliable. Any and all information gathered from outside sources must
be cited.
See, for example, the results of the searches below. Explore them; play with the
search terms until you find what you need. Sift and sieve. SELECT what is useful to
you and DISCARD what is not directly relevant to your work.
Statistics on GDP per capita and population
and on population growth and population growth:
Rough Overview/Background:
Take a few steps back and think about the frame for your work. Present your audience
with a context to your subject and explain the basics. How is it all related? Do not
take anything for granted and do not assume your audience knows.
In your case this is related to the role of population in economic growth. (See also the
terms above). I strongly recommend you consult the chapters of a good economic
growth textbook or a good macroeconomics textbook on this subject. You do need to
show your audience you know the theoretical underpinnings of your subject. You can
then cite these textbooks.
You do have a few scholarly references. You must include the SEMINAL references
in this area of research. Consult a textbook, as I said above, and you will find them.
Not all references are equally important.
Also, have a look at the results of these searches (see how other researchers and
decision-makers are looking at your subject). SELECT what is useful for you. Sift
and sieve. Discard.
For the relationship between population and economic growth, see here
y-ab.3..0l7j0i22i30l3.87459.95507..95755…7.2..1.720.7255.0j25j4j0j2j2j1……0….1.. gwswiz…….0i71j0i67j0i131j0i10j0i131i67j33i160j0i13j0i13i30.bgufpV3my7w&ved=0ahUKEwjDmMfyzefkAhUQhOAKHQ3r
And here,33
and also here (some may have appeared before),33
Overall -> Your Proposal is accepted CONDITIONAL on you addressing the points
above in your Draft. You need a FRAME to your work (consult textbook) and a clear
theoretical underpinning if you want to be credible.

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